• Community Rules

    Our community works on a Warning System. Please see below for guidelines to the system.

    • If a rule is broken then you will receive a warning.
    • 5 Warning Points results in a 1 week ban.
    • 10 Warning Points results in a 2 week ban.
    • Warning points will be removed after 30 days of receiving them.
    • Repeat offenders will receive a permanent forum and IP ban.
  • Spam (1 Point)
    • Posting of random useless information                                                                  
    • Hijacking threads with off topic posts
    • Posting links to other sites


    Flaming (3 Points)
    • Posting of inappropriate images, videos or links (outwith the NSFW area)
    • Harassment of other users 
    • Overuse of offensive language
    • Use of multiple accounts to boost or fake posts
    Racism (BAN)
    • Racism is not tolerated in any shape or form. You will be automatically Banned


  • Prohibited Items

    • Personal Info
    • Hacked accounts (Netflix etc)
    • Windows Keys
    • Any other form of illegal items

    MiddleMan Service

    All trades and sales must go via our MiddleMan service. Any trades done outwith this are done at your own risk. We cannot support any trades which are done direct between users.

    1. The buyer pays the MiddleMan
    2. The seller provides account info to Middleman
    3. We verify and secure the account.
    4. We release account to the buyer
    5. we release payment to the seller

    Feedback System

    Please do not leave false user feedback. If you leave negative feedback for a user, please provide proof to one of the staff